Patrice Lewis

Patrice Lewis is a wife, mother, homesteader, homeschooler, author, blogger, columnist, and speaker. An advocate of simple living and self-sufficiency, she has practiced and written about self-reliance and preparedness for over 24 years. She is a nationally-published author and contributor to numerous print and online magazines, including, Backwoods Home Magazine, Countryside, Grit, Home Education Magazine, etc. Her popular blog, Rural Revolution ( has over 135,000 visitors each month. She and her husband have been married 27 years and have two daughters.

Patrice is experienced in homestead animal husbandry and small-scale dairy production, food preservation and canning, country relocation, home-based businesses, homeschooling, personal money management, and food self-sufficiency. Patrice and her family live on a small homestead in north Idaho with a herd of Dexter and Jersey cattle, chickens, a large Great Pyrenees, and a cranky barn cat.

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