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Self-Reliance Champions

Our exhibitors are businesses and organizations that are self-reliance experts. These are the industry leaders in the self-reliant lifestyle offering unique and high-quality products, services, and education.

Our exhibitors are likely to be in the following categories:

readiness/emergency response training, planning and preparation, emergency kits and go-bags, first-aid, communications, financial planning, personal protection & safety and more!

bushcraft, wilderness / outdoor education & adventure, primitive skills, hunting/fishing, plants, cooking, health & hygiene, survival gear & apparel, woodworking and more!

living off-grid, independence, solar, clean air & water, rainwater barrels, composting, gardening, frugal living, green living, wellness and more!

Homesteading & Simple Living
establishing a homestead, farming, food storage, organic living, right-sizing & minimalism, organization, alternative housing solutions, homeschooling, building community & family and more! 

And so much more!!!!  

Do you have questions about being a exhibitor? 

The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience (previously the Self Reliance Expo) is the longest running preparedness, survival, sustainability and homesteading expo in the country, boasting a total of over 600 exhibitors and 25,000+ attendees since its inception. The self-reliance community is stronger, more relevant and more active than ever, as it has grown to appeal to a more mainstream audience. It is our goal to leverage that relevance, converting it into a greater opportunity for our exhibitors to educate our attendees and continue to deliver an exceptional experience featuring high quality products and services in a hands-on environment.


Attendee Demographics:

  • Expected Attendance:  4,000 – 6,000
  • Men 65% and Women 35%
  • 70% of Attendees’ Household Income = $60K+
  • 81% Have Attended College
  • 73% Are Veteran Families
  • 78% Preparing for a Crisis
  • 63% Own More than One Gun/100% Believe Right to Bear Arms
  • 35% Are Preparing for Inflation with Gold/Silver
  • 39% Have Taken a Self-Defense Course
  • 42% Hunted or Fished within Last Year

Exhibitor Benefits:

  • Exhibitors receive booth space to include pipe & drape, table (with skirt), 2 chairs. (Note:  locations are not guaranteed and are assigned on a first come, first serve basis)
  • Inclusion on SRE website with logo and company description
  • Listing in expo program
  • Social Media posts (# is dependent upon booth size) and social media activation guide (Reserved for Exhibitors who invest $400+ for their booth fee and on a space available basis on the Social Media Calendar.)
  • Speaking or Teaching opportunities (Subject to approval by SRE and granted on a first come, first serve basis for Exhibitors who invest $400+ on their booth fee.  All content must be unique and of value to the public, not a marketing “pitch”.)
  • Press Release Template (included in exhibitor packet)
  • Exhibitors investing less than $400 will not receive same promotional/marketing benefits; they will be listed by name only on website and exhibitor list (not to include logo or link).
  • Exhibitor & Parking Passes:  5×10 or up to 3 tables – 2 entry / 1 parking  | 10×10, 4+ tables, or tiny space – 4 entry / 1 parking  | 10×20 – 6 entry / 2 parking | 20×20 – 8 entry / 3 parking

Booth Pricing:

Early Bird Pricing Ends for DENVER on JUNE 15, 2018 prices will increase $100 after September 10

5 x 10: $325 / Early Bird: N/A (limited opportunities available) 10 x 10 inline:  $585 / Early Bird:  $495 (corner: +$100) 10 x 20 inline:  $965 / Early Bird:  $885 (corner: +$100 / end cap: +$150 // each add’l 10′ +$150) 20 x 20 island:  $1795 / Early Bird:  $1575 Tiny Space (for vehicles and trailers):  $685 / Early Bird:  $545 Table: 1-4 tables/$90 each | 5-6 tables/$80 each | 7-8 tables/$70 each (no more than 8 tables/exhibitor)

Booth Options:

Electric : $80 / $100 at door (if available) Additional Table: $25 (must be ordered in advance)

Expo Program Exhibitor Advertising Rates (+25% for Non-Exhibitors):

Expo Program Full Page Ad: $300 | Program Half Page Ad: $155 | Program Quarter page Ad: $90

Booth Assignments:

  • Booths are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.  
  • Size of booth and combined number of years as a participant in SRE are considered.
  • All exhibitor applications are subject to approval.
  • The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience reserves the right to change booth locations as necessary.

Exhibitor Renewals:

Exhibitors will be offered exclusive Renewal Rates that will be annouced and made available at the conclusion of each expo for a period of 30 days following The SRE.  

Exhibitor Referral Program (Contact us for more information):

NEW Exhibitor Referrals: 10% booth – or – Free 10×10 inline booth @ 5 Qualified Referrals* – 1st year only NEW Sponsorship Referrals: the greater of $300 – or – 5% of sponsorship – 1st year only -*Qualified Referral – an exhibitor who has been approved by SRE, is a first time exhibitor at The SRE and has paid in-full within the required timeframe. -Please send an email introduction between yourself and the referral with their full name and contact information. -Please email referral intros to (An introduction to the decision maker for the organization via phone and/or email is required to be eligible for the referral fee.) 


Giveaways are a great way to increase exposure and get a sample of your product into the hands of the consumer.  The SRE Great Giveaway Campaign may include Social Media Giveaways, Door/Entrance Giveaways, inclusion in the SRE Scavenger Hunt, as well as other promotional opportunities. Exhibitors who are selected to participate in The Great Giveaway Campaign will be featured in social media posts and ads, listed in the expo program, and will be promoted during the expo with signage and announcements.  If you would like your product and/or service to be considered to be part of The Great Giveaway Campaign, click here for the Great Giveaway Application.

Speaking and Teaching Opportunities:

Are you interested in speaking or teaching a class at The Self-Reliance Experience? If so, please complete the Speaking and Teaching Application and we will follow-up with you once we have reviewed your application. This is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field and gain greater exposure.  This opportunity is not meant to be a “pitch” for your product or service.  Your presentation must be of interest and value to the public.  You may also “sponsor” a presenter by inviting an associate of your organization that is an expert in your field.  In an effort to maintain a higher level of integrity for The SRE, we will carefully review each presenter’s application along with any samples (including audio or video) of prior presentations given by the applicant. Click here for the Speaker / Instructor Application.




  • Location: National Western Complex | 4655 Humboldt Street, Denver, CO 80216 | TEL: (303) 297-1166
  • Special exhibitor rates will be negotiated @ area hotel (location and information coming soon)
  • Denver Floor Plan (coming soon)
  • Denver Exhibitor Information Packet (coming soon)
  • Exhibitor Agreement (must accept terms upon checkout)

Early Bird prices below expire soon...

Booth Size
8' Tables
1-4 tables/$90 each / 5-6 tables/$80 each / 7-8 tables/$70 each (no more than 8 tables/exhibitor)
Booth Extras
Expo Program Advertising
Note that only exhibitors receive this pricing
Booth Extras$0.00

Booth Location (Denver Floor Plan)

Choose your top 3 desired booth locations in order of importance to you. (e.g. 25, 2, 60)
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 If you would prefer NOT to process your application online, click here to download paper application.

To further support your success as an Exhibitor at the Self Reliance Expo, we have provided the following links to helpful information as you prepare for your Expo.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you and your team!